Interesting views

Technology has definitely changed over the years, the clip below is of an ICT assignment a couple of years ago, it is very true in saying we only prepare students for what we teach them. We want to be teaching them up to date content with the use of technologies so they can go on and do the same for their children or work mates.

Preparing students for life is what teachers do and ICTs can help us with this!

-Ashleigh 🙂


Knowing students names

Building a relationship as a teacher is one of the most important aspects of being a teacher! Having a relationship with your students is important and it helps you with behaviour management within the classroom. I was told on prac if you know a students name and one interesting fact about them by the end of the week you are on the way to building a good relationship with your students!

I found this video, I’m sure majority of you have probably seem this video, but it gets me every time. It is hilarious and so creative! Happy watching 🙂

– Ashleigh

Teaching imaginary and complex numbers!

So as you do when your assignment is due, you look through YouTube, go for a bit of a brows. I though I may as well look at something I can blog about! This YouTube video is the most interesting and creative way of teaching a high level maths concept to a class! What a great way to get students involved and interacting with the class – and the best part he is using ICTs!

Somehow I don’t think I would be clever enough to do anything like this, it would end up in a big ball of mess, but watch this and see what you think.. would you be interested if your high school math teacher did something like this?

-Ashleigh 🙂

It’s hard being a teacher


I found a video today that I believe is a very good portrayal of all of the ‘jobs’ that a teacher has to do every single day. It shows just how difficult it is to be a teacher and what a teacher does not only in the classroom, but also the many ways that teachers help students outside of the classroom too. Have a look and see what you think. It’s a short video that definitely made my day. I hope it brightens your day a little too.

Hope everyone is excited and ready for prac and enjoy the video.


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A world without teachers…

Coming to uni, I didn’t realise what it would be like, teaching is just another profession in the world of work. Everyone likes teacher, because they are so important in life. However coming to college was a whole different experience. Many students at college are under the impression that teachers are not hard working ans we just cruise through our classes with no exams and come out as a teacher at the end. Everyone said teaching is something people do when they don’t know what to do!

I get quite angry at these sorts of comments and it often leads me to say ‘well how did you get to uni? a teacher’ or ‘why didn’t you study teaching if you think it is that easy’ usually the answer to that is ‘oh I could never be a teacher’.. Interesting hey? After finishing three weeks of professional experience at a beautiful school with a wonderful mentor and kids that enjoyed my teaching and learning I definitely know teaching is for me.

This morning I came across this blog with an amazing video and it is reassuring to think this is what my life is going to be like in the future!


Technology for Learning Difficulties

At the moment I am so caught up with assignments it’s not funny! I have a special needs assignment due next week and I was interested to see what I could find that incorporated technologies into teaching students with learning difficulties. I ended up finding a section of a document dedicated to different technologies that can be used to teach and help students that find reading and writing difficult.

Anyone who has any electives left to choose, and you are a bit unsure of what to take, I would strongly recommend SPE3009, Learning Difficulties in Literacy and Numeracy. As a secondary education student, we have not yet been taught a great deal about some of the major (and minor) learning difficulties some students have. It is quite surprising learning about how a learning difficulty can really effect a high school students learning as they are quite embarrassed to say they might not be a great reader.

It’s also good to know there are many different ways you can increase a students ‘want’ to read just by letting them choose something they are interested in reading. Magazines and newspapers are a great alternative to a novel. The way I see it, as long as they are reading and looking at words, they are in some way learning something. What they are learning may not be related to what you might be teaching in class, however if they have struggled with reading and writing for a great deal of their life, it would be a big step for them to pick up anything to do with literacy or numeracy.

Even though you may not think you need to do a course like this, just remember you never know what type of students you are going to have in your classroom. If you are more confident with helping students with learning difficulties, then they are going to enjoy school and your teaching a lot more!

– Ashleigh

What Cartoons thought of the Past and Future

Hanna-Barbera created two very different cartoons, one being The Flintstones and the other being The Jetsons. These two cartoons had one major difference, one being set way in the past and one set way in the future!


The Flintstones was set in a past time where there was not very much technology at all! Their cars were foot powered and their houses made from rocks. Although somehow they still had television? Go Figure! Much of their technology was run by animals, cameras, record players vacuums and lawn mowers.

images (1)34ac18c1637f60a52a62790ba0d7e286   images The-Flintstones-007


Then there was The Jetsons. This cartoon was set in the late 21st century and in contrast to The Flintstones there was a huge difference in the technology used! For one they got around in these cars, which folded into suitcases! However after watching this cartoon, its interesting how correct the types of technology are! Computers, flat screen TV’s, robot vacuum cleaners, treadmills – although we don’t use our to walk the dog!

jetsons (1) jetsonsbreakfastmachine jetsons-ep1-white-videophone

Can you imagine if these two cartoon families met? Well apparently they did!

But who knows, maybe by the time the 2060’s come around, we will have a push button breakfast, cars that fit into suitcases, and self dressing machines for those mornings that its just too hard to get dressed!

– Ashleigh 🙂

Dinner Time is NO Place for Technology

Take a second to think? When was the last time you sat at a table for dinner, the last time you sat at a dinner table with your family or the last time you sat at a dinner table with no technology? Many families these days, sit on the couch for dinner, it has just become a way of life – I personally think it takes away that ‘family time’ from the household.

Anyone remember this from the movie Matilda?


At home, and for my whole life, whenever we have dinner at home, we sit at a big square dinner table with each other and the best part is we laugh pretty much the whole time! The TV is usually off, and as we don’t have WiFi or phone service, there is never a phone, computer or tablet at the table.

This is something I look forward too, especially as it is rare for my brother, sister and I to be home all together! I found this YouTube clip uploaded by Dolmio Australia showing us how some families live of technology for dinner time! Take a look, it is very clever!

Imagine if these ‘pepper shakers’ were given to every family! I can guarantee dinner time would become very different for a lot of people!

– Ashleigh